Wine & Dine HK 2016 | Our First Time!

We were so thrilled to take part in this year's Hong Kong Wine and Dine. It was not only fun to hang out and meet with visitors from around the world and other vendors, but helpful for our market research, learning so much about average drinkers' general preference towards wine. 

Since it was our first Wine and Dine festival, we showcased almost 50% of our portfolio with mostly Turkish and Lebanese wines, which were quite unique and rare, and some 1er cru Burgundy. Visitors of different background were mostly curious with our selection without knowing much about the countries of the wine, but the majority of them had a adventurous palate. 

About Wine & Dine:

Four-day event on Central harbourfront features 400 booths serving food and drink, the Indian chef who runs Asia’s best restaurant, special Hong Kong-inspired cocktails and a ‘dessert garden’.





Author: Evercohol Management
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