Didimi Krakhuna Orange 2016

The label humbly introduces the wine and winemaker as “I am Didimi from Dimi and this is my Krakhuna.” Krakhuna, a white grape, is indigenous to the Imereti region of western Georgia and is mostly found in the village of Dimi, where seventy year old Didimi lives. Krakhuna is reminiscent of a dry, Loire Valley Chenin Blanc (albeit with some skin contact) with flavors of lemon peel, pear skin and dried pineapple. It has a subtle, bitter and tannic finish, which would perfectly pair with traditional Georgian satsivi (chicken with walnut sauce) or a mild, coconut-based curry. Jonas Mendoza

HKD $320 HKD $380
Imereti, Georgia
Grape: Krakhuna