LA Mon Reve Sangiovese Dry Rose 2014

Mon Rêve means “My Dream” in French. The wine was named after Lucien Arkas and Vedat Milor. Mon Rêve Sangiovese 2013 is a Silver Medal winner at the International Organic Wine Award 2014.

It is a medium bodied wine with aroma of strawberry, watermelon and plum produced from organic agriculture and Sangiovese grapes. Alcohol is high, 14% alcohol slightly affected the balance. It can be called fruity on the nose, jam and caramel on the palate, and the end is short-medium. It should be tried with salmon, apertaives, salads and red fruits.

HKD $250 HKD $320
Central Anatolia, Turkey
Organic; 100% Sangiovese