Finnish Female Winemaker In Bordeaux Goes Oak-FREE

There are not many Finnish winemakers in the world, but I found one in Bordeaux and recently discovered that she’s been making wine – out of Carménère – with amphorae and NO oak.

Currently running a new project for Chateau Carsin in Côtes de Bordeaux 28-year-old Finland-born Nea Berglund is ready to release the unprecedented oak-free 100% Carmenere and 100% Cabernet Franc 2017, which were fermented and matured only in amphora for 12 months.

I had the pleasure chatting with her last month regarding her inspiration behind such trendy practice.

“The clay amphora breathes more than an oak barrel, so it has higher micro-oxygenation. My idea for Chateau Carsin Amphora wines is to make them as pure as possible with Carmenere and Cabernet Franc,” said Berglund. 

The use of amphora started in 2017 as an experiment

Berglund said Carmenere is an ancient variety from Medoc and this family winery wants to bring back the trend of "forgotten" Bordeaux varieties by using fashionable amphora to stand out from the crowd in Bordeaux.

Chateau Carsin has 9 varieties and it makes about 15 different wines, whereas many Bordeaux wineries only do one or two wines. The winery owns about 18 hectares of vines and has been 100% organic since 2018. The use of amphora started in 2017. Now Nae owns 6 amphoras to produce roughly 3000 bottles of amphora wine for both Chateau Carsin and Charivari, which is another wine brand that Nae runs.

Chateau Carsin Carmenere 2017 is wonderful from this vintage, it is ripe (this fact already makes it wonderful), very fresh and has that spicy, complex and peppery aroma profile.

Chateau Carsin Cabernet Franc 2017 has a beautiful balance, very elegant taste, gentle spiciness and nice lingering aftertaste. The Cab' Franc comes from their Saint Nicolas vineyard which has almost 40 years old vines.

Berglund will reveal the new wine labels and bottles early April. Stay tuned!

Chateau Carsin Carmenere 2017 and Chateau Carsin Cabernet Franc 2017 will be available in store in May. Please contact us for more info.









Author: Cass Lam
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