BLOG: Modern Georgian Wine Made In Organic Way (Available in HK)

A warm welcome to the following new members this month: Mandili, IagoAlaverdi Monastery and Zurab Topuridze. These unique and rare wines are under our new category Georgia. 

So what's so unique about them, except for their eye-catching label designs? Well, they are organic and biodynamic wines with very limited production. If you're tired of sour, high-tannin and rough Georgian wines (in nicely crafted bottles), then you should keep your eyes on these instead. 

Mandili by winemaker Marina Kurtanidze (The first female wine-maker in Georgia) and her husband Iago Bitarishvili (known as the Chinuri Master) are currently leading the organic wine market in Georgia. 
Mandili is made in Georgian tradition method, from the local grape species Mtsvane, by using ancient procedures to distinguish itself from other wines in the world. The wine was pressed and fermented in "Qvevri" (Amphora). Only 1000 bottles produced a year. She makes wine from Manavi Mtsvane which is unique with its aroma. “Mandili” is completely exported abroad. Export countries are Italy, US, Ukraine, Franc Poland, and now Hong Kong (available at our wine

Iago Bitarishvili, on the other hand, is the first winemaker in Georgia to own certified organic vineyards. This boutique winery was founded in 2003 by winemaker Iago Bitarishvili. Iago organically farms two hectares of vines which yield roughly only 2,500 bottles per year. All the wine is fermented and aged in qvevri (Georgian amphora).  Iago Bitarishvili’s Chinuri has been called “the apogee of the hipster wine drinking experience in the Top 10 Hipster Wines at the Ritz, article by the Drinks Business publication. The iconic London Ritz Hotel has recently updated its Le Livre de Vin, or wine list, which for the first time includes a Georgian Orange Wine, the 2013 Iago Bitarishvili Chardakhi Chinuri. (Source: Georgia Today)

Although our team has yet been to the Alaverdi Monastery winery, we learned from other experts that its wine is produced by endemic variety of Kakhetian vine in unique clay vessel – Qvevri. Alaverdi Royal Monastery is historically known by its qvevris and cellar. By keeping historical tradition and technology, the Kakhetian wine producing in qvevri was restored and revived within the Alaverdi Monastery. This wine embraces the climate, air and earthen flavor of this place that gives our wine a special aroma, velvety taste, high anti-oxidant and other healing properties. (Source:
Tasting note: Bright orange color, but clean and youthful, not evolved. A bouquet of orange and lemon peel, butterscotch, honey and minerals. Lots of phenolic grip on the palate, very oxidative flavours, orange, grapefruit, crème brulee and honey. 
Last but not least, Zurab Topuridze, located in Georgia’s Guria region in the village of Sakvavistkhe. Zurab, is accounted as one of the Triple "A" organic wineries in Georgia. His wine cellar makes amber-colored and pink Chkhaveri wine, as well as the wine through blending of Chkhaveri and the rare Skhilatubani varieties of grape. Zurab Topuridze makes the wine from Tsolikouri variety of grape as well.
Tasting note: This is not your typical Georgian Saperavi. This delicate wine has soft tannins, medium body with silky texture, gentle aromas of cherries, strawberries and wildflowers.


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