BLOG: Organic Grands Crus du Languedoc - Beyond Bordeaux & Burgundy

Powerful, full-bodied and fruit-forward RED from one of the neglected wine regions in France, Languedoc, is grabbing our attention this summer! This low-profile region is little only in renown in Asia, but you would be very surprised by the fact that it actually produces 1/3 of all of France’s wine and 30 percent of of France’s organic wine

Languedoc's strength in producing natural / organic / biodynamic wine is part of the growing appeal to trendy wine drinkers these days. It's ahead of Provence and Aquitaine, in terms of organic production, leading the market with its relentless improvement in quality and quantity.

Currently at our online shop (, we have a diverse variety of organic Languedoc red wines to accommodate local wine drinkers who look beyond Bordeaux and Burgundy. The following selected wine have a few things in common: they are a blend of Carignan and other Mediterranean grapes. (Carignan Grape: please read our next blog)

Natural wines from Languedoc (available at our shop)

Although some of them are under the classification of Vin de Pays (meaning table wine), we shouldn't underestimate the quality and taste of this wine, and we should not compare it to Bordeaux and Burgundy wine, which are made of Cabernet and Merlot, and Pinot Noir, respectively. Languedoc Red is mainly made up of Carignan, Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. The style of the wine is very approachable and easy to drink, and best to pair with French food or Mediterranean dishes. 

The Languedoc AOC* of Southern France has a new classification system designating wines as “Grands Crus du Languedoc” and “Grands Vins du Languedoc”, utilizing already established regions. It was recently confirmed by the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins du Languedoc (CIVL). Here’s the breakdown: 
The Grands Crus du Languedoc are: Minervois La Livinière, Corbières Boutenac, Grès de Montpellier, Pic Saint Loup, Saint Chinian Roquebrun, Pézenas, Terrasses du Larzac, La Clape and still wines from Limoux. 
The Grands Vins du Languedoc are:  Minervois, Corbières, Limoux Sparkling wines, Faugères, Malepère, Cabardès, Saint Chinian, Muscats and part of the Terroirs des Coteaux du Languedoc including Picpoul de Pinet.
The beauty of the South (Source: Decanter)
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