BLOG: Turkish & Lebanese Rosé To Brighten Your Summer

French and Provence Rosé is so yesterday and out of fashion. Turkish and Lebanese Rosé is the real deal. From the Mediterranean coast, our #Rosé from Kavaklidere, Vinkara and Domaine Wardy wineries is made of indigenous grapes. If you’re curious, and more on the ‘bold savory’ vs ‘fruit-forward’ end of the wine spectrum, these are probably the best choices for you!

I know when it comes to Rosé, you will probably immediately think of Provence, Sud de France. They are consistent and yet boring! They always carry the same style with the same grapes. 

Let's forget about Provence and shift our focus to the Middle East - Lebanon and Turkey for now. They are believed to be the oldest winemakers in the world. Despite under the radar due to politics and religious reasons, these two countries have entered the modern golden age of winemaking. The climate, terroir and many geographical factors have given both so many advantages to grow and produce premium wines. 

Rosé from Turkey is made mainly of obscure local grapes (indigenous varieties), mainly of Kalecik Karasi, which is associate with Pinot Noir by most people. You will be surprised and enlightened how delicious fruity and dry it tastes at the same time. 

Here are our Rosé recommendations:

Vinkara Kalecik Karasi Rosé 2014, HK$260

Kavaklidere Ancyra Blush Rosé, HK$180

Domaine Wardy Rose du Printemps 2012, HK$180


Author: Evercohol Management
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