LIV-EX - Antonio Galloni publishes Bordeaux 2017 report

Antonio Galloni’s report on Bordeaux 2017 has now been published on Vinous in both Englishand French. This makes him one of only two critics on our scores page to produce reports in these two languages (the other is Bordeaux-based Jean-Marc Quarin).

Galloni is one of the very few major critics to strongly favour one side of the Gironde this year. He suggests that 2017 is “very clearly a Right Bank vintage”. Despite many vineyards being devastated by frost, the best sites were spared and a number of the wines are “positively thrilling” according to the critic.

Like his colleague Neal Martin, Galloni compares 2017 to 2014, commenting that, “stylistically, the 2017s are reminiscent of the 2014s, but with a bit more flesh”.

He also compliments the standard of the whites, calling it a “fabulous” vintage for the dry whites and “almost as good” for the sweet wines.

For the first time, Vinous has published two Bordeaux En Primeur reports this year. Last week, Neal Martin’s review of the 2017 vintage came out. The first of Galloni’s notes were published on Thursday. In his report, Galloni calls this “the first time a top wine publication has had two concurrent reports on a major region that receive equal billing”. The reports are “separate and independent”, and Galloni says that he and Neal “did not discuss a single wine, or, in fact, anything about the 2017s” before publishing.

A selection of Galloni’s top scores are shown in the table below. You can also view scores from top wines on our critic scores page, and read Galloni’s report in full on Vinous.

Galloni’s scores for Sauternes and the Satellites have not yet been published but are expected to appear on Vinous very soon.

Author: Antonio Galloni
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