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Asian Wine - The Close Stranger
熟悉而陌生 尋味亞洲
September 8, 2017

We often classify the Old World and New World by the border of Europe. However many historians believe that the first wine was produced in Persia some 6,000 years ago, which is the location of today's Iran.

Today, it seems that France and the Europe have mastered the wine world, while other countries are just followers. In fact, Asia is more than just a follower and its diversity and long history is evident. For example, Lebanon is famed for making great wines since thousands of years ago. The extraordinary terroir of Bekka Valley coupled with indigenous grapes such as Merweh, Obaideh, make it a highly acclaimed and ancient wine producing country. On the other hand, with local grapes such as Koshu and Muscat Bailey-A, Japan devotes to pursuit of finesse and elegance at the expense of power and longevity, which is quite significant difference from our normal perception.

The world is big yet sometimes we are going too far and ignore our own land. In this wine Challenge, we also bring our guests some fantastic wines made locally by Flying Winemaking Eddie Mcdougall. Though the grapes from Bordeaux, it is a great opportunity for us to imbibe the real taste of Hong Kong.


今天,法國和其他歐洲國家彷彿掌握了葡萄酒世界的話語權,引來其他國家及地區仿傚。然而在幅員廣闊的亞洲,葡萄酒業並不是千篇一律的,部分亞洲地區擁有悠久的造酒歷史,例如黎巴嫩的祖先腓尼基人,幾千年前就以釀酒技術聞名於世,加上著名的貝卡谷地優良的風土,以及古老的原生葡萄品種Merweh、Obaideh等,稱它為新世界酒,似乎並不恰當;另一方面,日本的原生葡萄如甲州、Muscat Bailey-A等,以追求精緻淡雅為目標,跟我們傳統的價值觀又有著明顯差異。

世界很大,有時我們卻忽略了自己。今次的Wine Challenge,更難得為大家帶來由飛行釀酒師Eddie Mcdougall於本地釀製的葡萄酒,雖說採用法國波爾多的葡萄,但也能一嚐香港本土的味道。


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