Chateau Silk Road 5-Star 2015

Blend of Cab and Gernischt.
Lifted nose with a bit of new oak and fresh red fruit. High but appropriate tannins and matching acidity create a modern style of wine, with enough fruit to support the wood influence. It is smooth and well polished, with a vibrant finish.

Chateau Silk Road is situated very near Kazakhstan (two hours to drive) in scenic Yili, where the same named river flows through. Yili happens also to be one of the world’s most important growers of lavender. Indeed, there are 2,000 hectares planted. With no need for herbicides or pesticides, the vineyards are naturally organic.

HKD $120 HKD $150
Yili, Xinjiang
100% Organic; Blend of Cab and Gernischt