Xige Estate Single Vineyard Jade Dove Cabernet Gernischet 2017

This is one of the more complex and ripe expressions of this variety, which sometimes tend to be rather green in Ningxia. Made using vines over 20 years old, this single-vineyard Cabernet Gernischt (DNA equivalent to Carménère) was aged in 100% new oak for 12 months. Perfumed and complex, it has a complex nose of tar, burnt sugar, green pepper and spices on top of blackcurrant and violet perfume. On the palate it displays ink, violet, and vanilla layers overlapping dark fruit flavours. It has a fine and soft mouthfeel with fully ripe tannins and elegant acidity. Sweet spices and liquorice flavours linger throughout a decent finish.

Xige deserves mention here as a different kind of discovery in terms of an estate that has progressed very rapidly along the quality scale. Xige’s first vintage was only in 2017, partly sharing winemaking facilities, at least for its whites, with Pernod Ricard’s Helan Mountain winery as the rest of Xige’s large winemaking operation was being completed. Cabernet Gernischt—a.k.a. Carmenere—has had a checkered history in China, often delivering very green (essentially unripe) wines with rustic tannins and not much by way of fruit. But Xige’s 2017 Jade Dove Single Vineyard version is a lovely example.

HKD $320 HKD $390
Ningxia, China
100% Cabernet Gernischt (Carmenere)